Daniel López

A computer scientist ready to deliver next generation software.


  • Skilled in developing quality software harnessing modern tools for an efficient and optimal workflow.
  • Comfortable with machine learning concepts, neural networks, and statistical regression analysis.
  • Engaged in the field of cybersecurity, providing background for risk analysis and penetration testing.
  • Experienced in development of web applications as a full stack developer.
  • Constantly learning new tools, techniques, methodologies and ideas to stay up-to-date with modern breakthroughts.
  • Agile Software Development
  • Git for Code Management and Versioning
  • Slack for Team Organization
  • ACM Code of Ethics
Programming Languages & Tools
  • Quick learner of new programming languages
  • Very experienced using Python
  • Familiar with Google's TensorFlow for Machine Learning
  • Skilled using Node.js for web services
  • Adept using React.js framework with Redux.js for web applications
  • Experienced with Linux system management and deployment



Live Video Classifier using TensorFlow

Utilized an LSTM over a CNN to create a model for live video classification. The CNN used was a retrained version of Google's Inception v3 for image classification. The model was retrained using 500+ hours of footage, and deployed on a multithreaded web platform for system usage and management.

April 2018

| Python


Machine Learning Data Analysis

| An active data harvesting on MongoDB database optimized for queries feeds an efficient framework for experimental neural network modeling and testing. An authenticated web interface with built-in session management provides users with an intuitive interface for data visualization, model generation, and running training sessions using TensorFlow.

September 2017+

| Python


Secure Garbage Service Web Application

| Desgined, developed and deployed a web application with security and quality considerations. Risk analysis and mitigation techniques were employed to deliver a reliable system. The system was further tested by conducting penetration testing to assure data confidentiality and integrity and assure the absence of quality or security bugs.

December 2016



ATM System Designed for CaptialOne

| | Developed an Android mobile application for users to generate ATM transactions to be phisically authenticated with a key or facial recognition at the physical ATM.

March 2017

| Android SDK for Java
| Node.js with Express.js


Smart Parking System for General Motors

| Developed a smart parking application on GM's vehicle SDK that automated the process of routing users parking spots near destination, and automatically pays for parking.

November 2017

| Node.js
| JavaScript for GM SDK


Pebble Smart Watch Application

| | Ranked the potential for outdoor activies given weather and user preferences using IBM Watson services for user tailored sorting and natural voice recognition. Added Amazon Alexa integration to query system using AWS.

November 2016

Amazon Web Services
IBM Watson

Slide Master

Slide Player Web Application

| Slide Master is a web slide player that reads lecture slides from a JSON file. It is mainly composed of a single iframe, the slide viewer onto which content is injected and managed, a notes section that allows notes to be created for each slide, and a display section that displays the added notes. Slide Master has a very friendly user interface and includes features such as specialized notes for each individual slide, auto note saving feature and supports audio for each slide.

May 2016

Cloud 9


Penn State Behrend

Bachelor of Science | Computer Science

Learned development of quality software, data structures, algorithm design & efficiency, communication networks, web applications, software threats and vulnerabilities.

Expected April 2019

Penn State Behrend

Statistics Minor

Learned regression algorithm analysis, data distributions, statistical models, and data analysis using R.

April 2019

The Community for Learning

High School Formation

Circled around free & critical thinking and life-long learning.

May 2014


  • 2018 | VideoClassifer | Top Poster | Richard J. Fasenmyer Design Conference
  • 2017 | EZPark | GM Challenge | HackPSU Winners
  • 2016 | PACT | IBM Watson Challenge | HackPSU Winners
  • 2016 | PACT | Optum Challenge | HackPSU Winners